Radiance Tea House and Books in NYC

A lovely focal point

A lovely focal point

I was tooling around on my Tea4Friends Facebook page today and up popped a post that said that the Radiance Tea House is now listed in the 2013 Zagat as a highly ranked tea house in NYC.

Don't forget your tea!

Don’t forget your tea!

I spent a wonderful afternoon at Radiance during the Christmas holiday of 2008 – not long after the tea house opened.  My girlfriend and I stumbled on the place because we had gone to see Alvin Ailey (an amazing dance experience) across the street at the City Center.  It was such a lovely find.

An IBM reunion of sorts at the Radiance Tea House - Delightful

An IBM reunion of sorts at the Radiance Tea House – Delightful

That afternoon we had a reunion of sorts – all four of us had worked at IBM in the Time Life Building in the late 60′s. Here we were almost 40 years later sitting in a newly opened Chinese tea house in midtown Manhattan savoring the place, the tea, and the pleasure of a long leisurely conversation after so many years.

The layout of the tea house was perfect for the occasion – comfortable, open, warm and inviting.  We talked, lingered, enjoyed pots of a variety of teas, chatted with the manager and nibbled on Chinese treats.  There was something unusual about the place – an unhurried feeling as if we could just sit and talk into the night – which I think we did.

I purchased a lovely Chinese tea set (the one on the top left in this picture) and some tea, took several photos, and left knowing that I wanted to return again. 2008-12-29 16.02.22 So I was especially delighted to see the Facebook post earlier today.  In visiting their website, it is clear that they have gotten lots of well-deserved notice.  I look forward to visiting again on my next trip to NYC.  Congratulations Radiance Tea House and Books on joining the Zagat family.

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